What is Loarbaind

Loarbaind is an online store dedicated to tabletop role-playing games. There is no physical address like a game store, it relies only on an online activity, and there is no plan to open a physical at this moment. However, all the inventory is in Montréal (QC), this is not a dropshipping store.

Why Loarbaind

Hello, I am Guillaume the owner. I am a tech guy in my late thirties, and like a lot of people born in the early 80s, I grow up with computers, video games and movies. These are common these days, too much...? so as I got older, I started to get bored, especially with video games. I also wanted to reduce my screen time since I already spend my days on a computer.

That’s when I remembered my childhood when my cousins, a little older than me, were playing Dungeons & Dragons, Blood Bowl, Fighting Fantasy, or painting Warhammer minis. This is where I start digging into tabletop RPG and surprisingly it was a lot harder than I thought.

It was hard to find fighting fantasy books in a library, and D&D were often just a shelf with few books and minis. When I went to a local game store, they were more interested into trading cards and board games than RPG. If I tried to talk to someone at the store to explain to me how it works or where to start, I felt they were trying to avoid the discussion.

Therefore, I did my own research at home, bought some materials online, and learnt by myself. It was quite overwhelming, but I ended up very passionate about it. Then later, I realized there is maybe a business opportunity. Even if it is niche market, there is room for growth in some way and there is a passionate community.

So, I began with a dedicated online store because I think plenty of people are struggling like me to find materials. But as I get deeper, I'd also like to do more with content and tools.


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